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Dave Dittman

dittmancd at gmail.com

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The purpose of the club shall be to educate collectors of Oliver equipment, memorabilia and tractors in the restoration and preservation. The club shall also promote the safe use and demonstration of farm equipment.



President: Dave Dittman
Vice President: Don Duellman
Treasurer: Barb Wolf
Secretary: Roy Bichler

Board of Directors:
Jim Sturgis
Doug Allen
Tom Magnusen

History of Badgerland Oliver Club

In August of 1996, Edgerton featured Oliver. There was rumor of an Oliver Club starting in Wisconsin. Jim Twohig and Darrell Pollesch talked with Chuck McFarlane on starting a Wisconsin Chapter. Chuck said that he did not want to be an officer but he would help financially to get a club started. Nothing was done till August of 2000. Jim Twohig and Jim Sturgis were at the Chilton show and decided to get the ball rolling. With the help of Darrell Pollesch and Sam Narges, Jim T contacted Bob Tallman from HPOCA. He was a big help. He also got us a list of all the Wisconsin members of the state chapter. The two Jim’s with the help of Darrell and Sam, got together a few times to figure out how to get all these people together to see if there was any interest. We drew an X across the state of Wisconsin and came up with Stevens Point as a central Get-Together. LaVern Sturgis lined us up with a hotel conference room in Stevens Point. We sent out a mailing to all Oliver Collectors in Wisconsin that we knew of. The Get-Together was October 22, 2000. At this gathering we decided to start a state chapter. Elections of officers were held. The results were as follows: Jim Twohig – President Darrell Pollesch-Vice President LaVern Sturgis-Secretary Gloria Twohig-Treasurer Howard (Sam) Narges-Director Jim Sturgis-Director Bill Lien-Director Lyle & Sue Schmidt-Editors A few different names were brought up for our club and Gloria Twohig suggested Badgerland Oliver Collectors and it was voted in. It was decided that the board of directors would write up by-laws. Dale Grahl volunteered to have his attorney draw them up and he would pay for the work. Members were asked to bring ideas to the April, 2001 meeting for the logo for the state chapter. That meeting was held at the Blue Top Supper Club in Stevens Point on April 1, 2001. At that time we had 72 members already. Bruce Meier’s was picked as the Badgerland Logo. The first show that the Badgerland Club displayed was August 24-26, 2001 at Edgar, Wisconsin. This was the North Central Wisconsin Steam and Gas Club. The third meeting was held at Mel and Avila Buetsch’s home. 20 members were in attendance. We now had 102 members. Jim had hoped for 100 by our one year anniversary. Our fall meeting was at Baraboo, October 14, 2001 at the Hide-Away House on Hwy 12. Gloria reported that we had $490.00 in our account. Jim Twohig thanked Jim Sturgis for the plaques that he bought and paid for to give to all displayers at the Edgar show. We had election of officers. Dave Lulich took Jim Sturgis place on the board. The rest remained the same. 2001 summer show was at Edgar 2002 summer show was at Baraboo 2003 summer show was at Pickett 2004 summer show was at Chilton 2005 summer show in conjunction with HPOCA summer show was in Baraboo 2006 summer show was in Richland Center 2007 summer show was in Union Grove 2008 summer show was in Newton 2009 summer show was in Burnett 2010 summer show was in Edgerton 2011 HPOCA Winter Get Together hosted by Badgerland Oliver Collectors at Madison WI 2011 Summer Show, Edgar, WI 2012 Summer Show, Burnett, WI 2013 Summer Show, Richland Center, WI 2014 Summer Show, Chilton, WI 2015 Spring Show, Ixonia, WI 2015 Fall Show, Oak Creek, WI 2016 Fall Show, Fountain City, WI

Membership Application

Download Membership Form Welcome to membership in Badgerland Oliver Collectors Club. Annual membership runs from Jan-Dec. $10 a year. _____1 year ($10), _____ 2 year ($20), _____3 year ($30) Name ______________________________________ Address ____________________________________ City _______________________________________ State ______ Zip ___________ Telephone _______________ Email _____________________ HPOCA # ___________________ Can we share your information with other members? (Example membership listing, etc) _____ yes. _____no Please mail application to Tanya Dittman W548 County Rd E Green Valley, WI 54127